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www.iasinsights.in ; www.iasgyaan.com and www.iasinsights.com is one stop destination where you will get quality guidance, everyday materials and value added materials like ARC reports for UPSC Civil Service Examination preparation for  GS and Optional subjects like Agriculture, Sociology, Political Science, Law.

This blog is run by a faculty with 7 years rich experience in teaching UPSC Aspirants, who trains and guides many students through out India, also personally does articles everyday.

What we publish?

  1. AIR summary- for daily current affairs.
  2. PIB Summary-for daily current affairs.
  3. Hindu articles Summary simplified.
  4. Live mint articles summary which are relevant
  5. Daily Prelims exercise with 10 questions, answers and explanations
  6. Daily mains exercise with minimum 3 questions
  7. “Question 4 the day “- single Q&A
  8. Featured articles
  9. Latest news as well
  10. Ministries summary
  11. Economic Survey summary
  12. Budget summary as well
  13. International reports summaries
  14. Science news

We don’t believe in traditional learning, UPSC approach is dynamic and so are we!!!

Vision of www.iasinsights.in ; www.iasgyaan.com

  • To help the UPSC preparation community in achieving success through SMART WORK.
  • Spread the joy of learning.
  • Boost your confidence by GO ACHIEVE attitude.
  • Inculcates Honesty, commitment, empathy through learning as we stand on same core values.

Founder and author profile:

Archana Mam, a Subject Matter Expert for Governance, Economy and International Affairs is the founder of this blog and our mission ,a person who fills the preparation with new positive energy. Her approach to UPSC is strategy based with new dimensions. She is specialized in preparing questions for mains. She is teaching at various locations for last 7 years. Well conversant with  4 languages. She has been very successful in training her students from beginners level to Advanced level. Students say her approach as learning simple with fun and precise to preparation. Always a multi tasker, NCC “C” certificate holder in AIR WING, got 54 hours flying experience as a 2 seater aircraft pilot. Also she is an Advocate who provides free legal advice.She holds degrees in

  • M.Sc(Electronics & Instrumentation)
  • M.H.R.M
  • M.Sc (Psychology)
  • LLB
  • MA Economics.

Author and Founder’s message:

I am a person who always has a thought how to do best to my country? Here I found a path where we all can build our own society free from our ancient problems together. Being a democratic country we have the power to choose our leaders. This voting power helps us to stand efficiently in-front of the world nations. For me, our democracy should not end up by choosing our leaders instead it should extend in making us to get best public officers who can work along with us in nation building. Along with leaders a good public officer has always a power to transform our nation positively. So, this thought always made me to think what should I do? Being a responsible citizen i believe that my role is also required to change my nation and transform into NEW INDIA which we thought always as a myth. Finally I could streamline all my thoughts and found a way where I can do my best. I discovered EDUCATION as a tool in achieving our goal.

Now question rises which level education? Is it 10th or Intermediate or Graduation or post-graduation? Transforming those levels we already have good changers in the society who are doing their best. I believe it’s high time to transform the preparation related PUBLIC SERVICES i.e. UPSC CIVIL SERVICES EXAM. Why UPSC? My answer is

  1. If you want to have an honest or efficient officer you need to make them practice that from start of UPSC training only.
  2. What moral science subject taught in schools got evaporated in the previous levels of education. Thanks to our phobia for Engineering or medical sciences. So need to remind them again about moral education.
  3. UPSC exam is surrounded by many myths which most of them fail to understand and ruin their lives with wrong and misleading guidance and preparation.
  4. Its time of the individual and parents money are lost in this process.

Being a committed and honest faculty with 7 years of teaching experience for UPSC and an ex UPSC aspirant, I’m not able to watch the unfair practices in the name of fees, incomplete syllabus, no proper explanations adopted by many leading IAS training institutes in India and stay back silent.

I started trying to bring the change in my classes where ever I teach and for that realized my role as a classroom faculty will not be fair enough to stand against the unfair and fraud guidance. In this background I have started a website 5 months ago named www.iasinsights.in where I’m able to give the best to the UPSC student’s community. We, everyday publish free notes and relevant material with top quality not even missing any holidays or festivals. Thanks to the technology I no longer request the academies to give me an hour extra to teach students the best. I’m able to do it in my blog.

However I feel challenging in blog because a student always learn better when it explained on board with the help of technology which requires so much of cash.Honestly I dint start the blog expecting monetary benefits. I want to use the blog to bring and change the preparation of many students expecting that they would give best to the society in the name of public services.Very soon I will be uploading my video classes for those who want to crack the exam with success.

Wish you to see India as a Knowledge hub.

Good luck. All the best for LBSNAA.

– Archana,

Founder & Editor,

www.iasinsights.in & www.iasgyaan.com

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