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Static Quiz:History-Day 17


1.Match the following:

            List I                           List II

A. Asanga                         1.  Jaina teacher

B. Bhardrabahu             2.    Jurist

C. Vijananesvara            3. Etymologist

D. Yaska                           4. Buddhist philosopher



            A         B          C         D

(a)       4          1          2          3

(b)        4          5          1          3

(c)        2          1          3          4

(d)        3          4          1          2                                             

2.Which one of the following is not a feature of Gandhara style of Buddha images?

(a) In seated position, they are almost always shown cross-legged.

(b) The ears are shown elongated.

(c) They are never shown with a shaved head.

(d) They are always shown in Abhaya Mudra

 3.Of all the events of Buddhism mentioned in Buddhist sources, the only one that appears to be corroborated by the inscriptions of Ashoka is that of

(a) holding the Third Buddhist Council

(b) sending Buddhist missionaries to different parts of the world

(c) purging the Buddhist Sangha

(d) compilation of the Abhidhamma Pitaka

4.Which one of the following statements is correct?

(a) Essentials of Jain philosophy

(b) Commentaries on Sanskrit poetics

(c) Expanded sermons of Buddha

(d) Ecposition of logic in Pali language

5.Which of the following is the correct chronological order of Buddhist Councils?

(a) Rajagriha, Vaishali,Pataliputra, Kashmir

(b) Vaishali, Kashmir, Rajagriha, Pataliputra

(c) Kashmir, Vaishali, Pataliputra, Rajagriha

(d) Pataliputra, Vaishali, Kashmir, Rahagriha

6.Consider the following pairs:


2.Gosala Maskariputra-Ajivika

3.Ajita Kesakambalin- Buddhist

Which of the pair given above is/are correctly matched?

(a) 1 only (b) 1 and 2 only   (c) 2 and 3 only  (d) 1,2 and 3

7.What is the Avasarprint or descending order of the following six periods of the Jaina cosmic cycle?

A.Dushma B. Susama C. Dushma-Susama      D. Susama-Dushama    E. Dushsama-Dusksama F.Susama-Susama

Choose the answer from the codes given below:

(a) E,A,C,D,B and F

(b) C,D,B,A,E and D

(c) B,F,D,E,A and C

(d) F,B,D,C,A and E

Directions(Q8-13): Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion(A) and other labelled as Reason (R). In the context of the above two statements, which one of the following is correct?

(a) Both (A) and (R) are individually true and (R) is the correct explanation of A

(b) Both (A) and (R) are individually true, but(R) is not a correct explanation of A\

(c) A is true, but (R) is false

(d) A is false, but (R) is true

8.Assertion (A): Gautamiputra Satakarni was opposed to the system of our Varnas.

Reason(R):Gautamiputra Satakarni extended patronage to Buddhist monks.

9.Assertion(A): Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism were divided into four speculative schools-Vaibhashika, Sautrantika, Madhyamika and Yogachara.

Reason(R): Reference to these four schools is to be found in the Brahmanical work on philosophy.

10.Assertion(A): The Buddhist nuns Were under the supervision of the monks.

Reason(R): There was a special code for the nuns called the Bhikkunipatimokkha.

11.Assertion(A): The Jainas follow the practice of worshipping images of Tirthankaras.

Reason (R): They denied the existence of a Supreme Being.

12.Assertion: The Indo-Greek king Menander accepted Buddhism.

Reason (R): The Buddhist philosopher Nagasena persuaded him to do so.

13.Assertion (A): Buddha challenged the importance of birth as the principal determinant of one’s social status.

Reason (R): He proclaimed that one did not become a Brahmanan by the mere fact of one’s birth.





1(a)    2(a)   3(c)    4(c)    5(a)    6(b)    7(c)    8(a)    9(d)  10(c) 11(c) 12(b) 13(b)



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