Citizen science initiative helps save horn-bills(Hindu summary-24th Sept 2018) ; posts Hindu summary about Need to conserve Horn-bills in India.

Citizen science initiative helps save hornbills

  • A recent citizen science initiative of documenting Indian horn-bills is providing valuable inputs for the conservation of this unique bird.

What is this initiative?

  • The Horn-bill Watch initiative ( is an interactive web interface that allows a person to report on horn-bills anywhere in India.
  • People can record the observation of a live horn-bill, note its call or report a dead, hunted or captive bird.

How will this data help?

  • The data on the presence of horn-bills outside protected areas would be crucial in identifying and protecting their habitats from possible threats and development projects.

Species Distribution in India Image result for hornbill species in india

  • There are nine horn bill species in India.
  • States from where the most sightings were recorded are Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Hornbills were reported from across 70 protected areas in the country. While 41% of the observations were made within protected areas, 59% were made outside.

Some Important Hornbills:

  • The endangered Narcondam hornbill is restricted to an area of 6 of the Narcondam Island in the Andaman.
  • The rufous-necked hornbill is a vulnerable or near threatened species.
  • Further, the Austen’s brown horn-bill and the great horn-bill were observed in several States in northeastern India.
  • Other important species of hornbill include the oriental pied hornbill and the Indian grey hornbill.

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