4. Salient features of Copyright act 1957

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The rights in intellectual property identify protection under law can be broadly categorized into
  1. Copyright
  2. Rights in patent
  3. Rights in design
  4. Rights in trademarks
  5. Rights in geographical indications
Copyright is the exclusive right of multiplying, commercially dealing with and making assignment of the copies of the work recognized by law as subject matter of copyright for a specific period
Subject matter of copyright
  • The subject matter of copyright were basically original creations in Literature, dramatic musical and artistic works
  • Copyright was subsequently extended to computer programs, cinematography film and sound recording.
The following rights on the owner of the copyright:
  1. Right to reduce the work in any material form
  2. Right to issue copies of the work to public
  3. right to perform the work in public or communicate it to the public
  4. right to make any cinematographer film or sound recording of the work Where the copyright is a literary dramatic or musical work
  5. Right to make translation of the work
  6. Right to sell or give one commercial rental or offer for sale or for commercial rental any copy of computer program
  7. right to include the work in any cinematographer film where the copyright is an artistic work
  8. Try to make any adoption of the work Where the work is susceptible to such adoption
Salient features of copyright act 1957
  1. Provisions for corporate office and copy write board for the purpose of registration of Corporate and for settlement of certain kind of disputes
  2. Provision for compulsory licensing of copyright
  3. provisions to determine first one step of copyright in different categories of work
  4. The act provides definition for various categories of work in which copyright exists
  5. Scope of rights conferred on orders of copyright is adequately described
  6. That provides comprehensive definition of copyright
  7. Backstage term of Corporate of different kinds of works
  8. Provisions relating to assignment of ownership
  9. Provisions relating to performing rights of a by societies
  10. Provision for broadcasting rights
  11. Problem for international corporate
  12. Definition of infringement of copyright
  13. Civil and criminal remedies against infringement
  14. Remedies against groundless threat of legal proceedings

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