Our actions speak louder-19 questions from CSE Prelims 2018 covered.

We, IASGYAAN started our online presence an year ago. Only few started trusting our website and our vision and I’m proud to say that we are on par with UPSC mindset just in 1 year of this online support to aspirants. For those who dont know about IASGYAAN or www.iasinsights.in ; we provide free UPSC MATERIALS AND GUIDANCE for those who cant afford and those who aspire to finish this race and reach their goal ASAP.

We started our journey silently as we are not intended to earn money. Our passion is to break UPSC Myths. We are not worried about ranks or fame. We are here to let the aspirants know the REAL PREPARATION for UPSC which is UNTOLD BY MANY TOPPERS AND PROVIDERS.

Here I publish PDF of UPSC PRELIMS 2018 -SET B with reference to the questions we covered in our website. Its 19 questions covered from our current affairs and prelims questions in PRELIMS 2018 paper !!!!

PRELIMS 2018-Questions covered from www.iasinsights.in

Though 19 is very few it really matters in the context of UPSC PRELIMS 2018 paper which was very unpredictable for many experienced, veterans in this game.

Many of you might think How is this possible when no other popular players offline or online couldn’t claim single question in PRELIMS 2018?

Its because we think different and we dont believe in traditional learning!!!

UPSC approach is dynamic and so we are!!!

Thanks for all those believing in our approach and Good luck!!!

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