Passing the buck:on governments’ response to lynchings(Hindu summary-6th July 2018) ; posts Hindu  summary about Growing lynching and government response.

Passing the buck: on governments’ response to lynchings

The Hindu


Increasing deaths due to lynchings.

What is Lynching?

  • Lynching is a premeditated extrajudicial killing by a group.
  • It is most often used to characterize informal public executions by a mob in order to punish an alleged transgressor, or to intimidate a group
  • Instances of lynchings and similar mob violence can be found in every society.
  • It is to be considered an act of terrorism and punishable by law.

Lynching in India:

  • Though Lynching is heard often in recent times ,we can trace back the existence before technology revolution.
  • The reason for lynching has changed from time to time but the practice has not stopped.
  • Earlier because of superstitious beliefs people used to commit lynching Ex: believing a person as black magic performer etc
  • Though these reasons exist even today the situations turned worse as Lynching became a psychic problem.

The mains difference from earlier forms of lynching and today’s situation is

Earlier days Present scenario
Lynching is due to superstitious beliefs Due to superstitious, social crimes and those issues which break the society ex: cow slaughtering
Though present, not much known as communication was a barrier Small incidents are also made outrageous due to strong presence of communication and media
Not intended to break unity and never a barrier to national interests Intended to break the society , creating differences
Low presence of politics behind Lynching Mostly backed by political parties for their benefits


Reasons for increased Lynching:

  1. Increased cheap communications
  2. Strong presence of social media
  3. Selfish media who propagate for their TRP
  4. Political games especially in rural areas
  5. Ignorant people with inadequate knowledge of identifying what is real and what could be fake.

Government response:

  • Warning to whats app company
  • Imposing punishments and penalties

What need to be done?

  • Amending IPC by inserting offences due to lynching
  • Create awareness about fake lynching
  • Immediate action to be taken by local authorities


Sudden transition in communications system made people unknowing made people more vigilant leaving their senses. So, there is a need to make people realize that everything is not real as shown in video sometimes.

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