Evolving safety protocols for dams(Hindu summary-6th July 2018)

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Evolving safety protocols for dams

The Hindu


Union cabinet approved Dam Safety Bill, 2018

Why bill?

  • Lack of legal and institutional architecture for dam safety
  • Raising fears about unsafe dams,
  • Possibility of consequent disasters and loss of life and property.

What is Dam safety bill,2018? http://iasinsights.in/current-affairs/dam-safety-bill2018-proposed/

Purpose of the bill:

  • It provides for surveillance, inspection, operation and maintenance of specified dams
  • The constitution of a National Committee on Dam Safety to evolve safety policies and recommend necessary regulations.
  • Establishment of a National Dam Safety Authority as a regulatory body to implement the policy, guidelines and standards for dam safety.
  • The Bill proposes the constitution of State-level committees on dam safety.
  • Regarding procedures concerning dam safety, including regular inspection of dams, emergency action plan, comprehensive dam safety review, adequate repair and maintenance funds for dam safety, instrumentation and safety manuals.
  • It lays the onus of dam safety on the dam owner and provides for penal provisions.
  • The National Dam Safety Authority is to liaison with the State Dam Safety Organisations and the owners of dams for standardisation of safety-related data and practices
  • This authority shall provide technical and managerial assistance to the States and State Dam Safety Organisations, and maintain a national level database of dams and the records of major dam failures.
  • It shall examine the cause of any major dam failure and publish and update the standard guidelines and check-lists for the routine inspection and detailed investigations of dams and appurtenances.
  • It is empowered to examine unresolved points of issue between the State Dam Safety Organisations of two States, or between the State Dam Safety Organisation of a State and the owner of a dam in that State.
  • State Committees on Dam Safety will ensure proper surveillance, inspection, operation and maintenance of all specified dams in that State and ensure their safe functioning.
  • These State Dam Safety Organisations are to be manned by officers from the field, preferably with expertise in dam-designs, hydro-mechanical engineering, hydrology, geo-technical investigation, instrumentation and dam rehabilitation.


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