Climate Change: 60 Crore Indians at Risk(RS TV summary) ; posts RS TV summary about Indians at risk due to climate change.

Climate Change: 60 Crore Indians at Risk


  • By 2050 24 people living area will become high temperature hotspot
  • India is the worst affected country the climate change


  • Need to recognize the climate change as a Global problem
  • Paris agreement is good but the implementation is bad
  • National Action Plan on climate change is not much effective
  • India is a data deficient country we cannot able to compare the present with the  past
  • The development without quality of life is not a development


  • As temperature change increases the development gains is Eroded
  • Rise in temperature results in instability events
  • Impact will be in  agriculture, health and adverse events
  • Availability of water ,few rainfall events but intense ,soil fertility, people will be pushed in BPL,
  • Hygiene problems
  • Effect  will be indirectly not directly


  • Integrated development with climate change should be made
  • Climate resilient structure a solution
  • Lifestyle pattern should be changed and rethink
  • Together policy should be created rather than aggressive agreement
  • It should be regulated globally and internationally

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