Important news articles-5th July 2018; posts Important News Articles from various newspapers.

Important News Articles-5th July 2018


Cosmic rays from massive star system may reach earth


How to rule Delhi

Insecurity in cyberspace: on sharing data online

Opening up to the world: on internationalising higher education

Union Cabinet clears DNA profiling bill

Election Commission to issue braille voter ID cards to visually challenged voters

GS-II (Law)

SC upholds RBI crypto ban: What’s next for crypto exchanges, investors?

Towards a people’s police

Animal are legal entities with rights, duties and liabilities of a living person: Uttarakhand HC

Kerala to amend shops Act to allow women to sit during work

GS-II(International relations)

Freedom from being ‘India-locked’: on Nepal-India relations

India braces for more U.S. pressure on Iran sanctions

Delhi to hold maritime talks with China, Russia

Japanese helicopter carrier to tour South China Sea, Indian Ocean for two months

Venezuela says it will receive $250 million from China to boost oil output


Nipah transmission route unclear


For lower fuel prices and emissions

Stopping the rupee’s free fall

Govt to raise ₹1 trillion from market for funding education infrastructure

Is India winning the battle against extreme poverty?

India’s capable teachers can solve all education woes

Population-age ratio and monetary policy

RRBs’ capital infusion extended to 2019-20

Cabinet clears MSP increase, highest-ever for paddy crop

India should leverage its livestock treasure beyond milk

Germany: Angela Merkel pledges ‘every effort’ to avert US trade war

GS-II(Science and Technology)

China’s growing clout in internet business worries Indian regulators


The player and his part

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