How to rule Delhi(Hindu summary-5th July 2018) ; posts Hindu  summary about How to rule Delhi?

How to rule Delhi?

The Hindu


  • Clashes between Lt.Gov and Chief Minister of Delhi regarding administration matters.
  • SC clarified How UT’s like Delhi to be administered
  • Delhi CM dream for complete statehood of Delhi.

What is the SC verdict?

  • The Supreme Court has restored the primary role played by the “representative government” in the National Capital Territory.
  • the Supreme Court said Lieutenant Governor has no independent decision-making power.
  • He is bound to follow the aid and advice of CoM.
  • It is also mentioned that CoM need to communicate all matters to Lt.Gov however the mean concurrence of Lt. Gov is not needed.
  • LG can refer issues on difference of opinion to President only in exceptional matters and not as general rule. LG must work harmoniously with council of ministers and attempt should be made to settle difference of opinion with discussions.
  • Except the issues of land, police and law & order, which are in central purview all other powers listed in State list and concurrent list, the elected government is having exclusive power to exercise.

Why issues with NCT Delhi?

  • Delhi though listed under the category of UT’s it is a separate category with in UT’s.
  • It is different from other UT’s
  • Though Delhi is UT, Delhi has state legislature that is Delhi is having state government but categorized as UT. The same is even with Puducherry.
  • As part of this, Delhi exercises limited powers regarding land, police and law & order.
  • Delhi government cannot have the “exclusive” executive powers as it would be against national interests and referred to the 1989 Balakrishnan committee report that had dealt with the reasons for not granting status of a state to Delhi.

Arguments in favor of Centre:

The Centre had referred to the Constitution, the 1991 Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Act and the Transaction of Business of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Rules to drive home the point that the President, the union government and the LG had supremacy over city dispensation in administering the national capital.


It is the foolishness of Kejirwal to expect complete statehood despite his thorough knowledge in the constitution when he prepared for UPSC exam. At the same time the Union govt cant dominate NCT Delhi just for mere political benefits.What is expected is coordination between Union and State govt setup keeping in view the strategic importance of Delhi. These kind of issues doesn’t exist regarding Puducherry because its location is not as strategic as Delhi.


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