The bilateral limits of hype:on India-U.S. relations(Hindu summary-4th July 2018) ; posts Hindu  summary about Limits in India-US relationships.

The bilateral limits of hype:on India-U.S. relations

The Hindu


Postponement of India-USA 2+2 dialogue despite Trump-Modi hugging episode.

Why postponement?

  • For Trump domestic politics are more important.
  • It comes in the backdrop of growing differences between India and the U.S. over the Iran nuclear deal.
  • India and France both sides agreed to “maintain” the Iran nuclear deal that allows for global trading with Tehran.
  • The Trump administration withdrew from the Iran deal also known by the acronym JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action)
  • U.S. has given a November deadline to Indian and Chinese companies that continue to trade with Iran disregarding U.S. Treasury’s sanctions.

Purpose of India-USA 2+2 dialogue:

  • To boost bilateral ease of ties in the backdrop of growing disagreement over the Iran nuclear deal and the brewing tariff war between the two sides.
  • The high-level dialogue was designed to address bilateral issues following a summit-level meeting between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Modi in 2017.

What is USA strategy?

  • USA prioritized itself to North Korea and Russia
  • Halted India-USA relations, there is no Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia in the State Department.
  • Trump faults of his predecessors for North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, trade deficit, and all global challenges.

Triangle love story

  • U.S. relations with Pakistan and China took shape during the Cold War.
  • Pakistan might be the longest ally of the U.S. after the U.K., first in the fight against communism, and then in the fight against terror that was created in the first fight.
  • China used the Cold War to its own advantage in its ties with the U.S.
  • The same China  today threatens the dominance of the U.S., but the America’s security establishment and political elite are obsessed with Russia.
  • India faces issues with American law that now requires the President to impose sanctions on any country that has significant security relations with Russia.

What is India and China for USA?

  • India and China are equal for Mr. Trump on many issues that agitate him.
  • He has repeatedly mentioned India and China in the same breath as countries that duped his predecessors on climate and trade deals.
  • His administration considers India and China as violators of intellectual property laws,
  • For USA these countries put barriers to trade and subsidies exports and use state power to control markets.
  • They are all gunning for China, and India is in the same firing line.
  • Many Americans who think that China took the U.S. for a ride — many Democrats among them — suspect that India is trying to do the same thing.

Trump favored India:

Despite so many complications Trump favored India against China in The Pentagon and the U.S. arms industry.

  1. Earlier Obama dint sanction unarmed drones but Trump provided Armed drones to India as he is a Businessman by heart and mind rather than USA President.

Trump war against:

  • Initiated trade wars against China through American companies
  • This trade wars affect India as well.
  • Many American companies who want to do business in India are against Trump’s policy.
  • Also he is against USA-Afghan policy and USA -Iran deal.
  • But believes that a hard line policy against Pakistan is not necessary which shows the inclination of Trump administration.

Way forward:

India trying for an opportunity to make things work out between India and USA by inviting Donald Trump for Republic day 2019 expecting to set things. Hope this time it works out well and keep fingers crossed.

Editor note:

Preferred calling Trump as Trump rather than USA President because every move of him is business oriented rather than global concerns. Despite the business deals benefits India , India can’t rely on Trump administration as it is self centric administration rather than global citizens centric. India cant and shouldnt adopt these kind of strategies as our philosophy and policy towards world is entirely different as we are peace loving nation which tries to excel in all spheres by being neutral player rather than inclined politics.

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