World’s first toilet college(RS TV summary) ; posts RS TV summary about World’s 1st Toilet college

Ground Report – World’s first toilet college


  • It is the first college to provide target skills in the world by World Toilet Organization in Rishikesh
  • It aims to develop the Holistic approach in the field of water health hygiene and sanitation
  • It was developed under swachh Bharat Abhiyan


  • Its curriculum focuses on theme Learn with Fun.
  • It also teachers people to construct standard toilet
  • Water conservation is also given importance and the techniques are reached to the people
  • It also involves in stopping the and undischarged water into the rivers


  • It inculcate the sanitation habit which has shown result in reducing the disease among children by teaching the sanitation
  • Children’s are avoiding the disease and  inculcating them to the family and friends


The main issue is to change the mindset of the people


  • It increases the socio cultural place
  • It increases the dignity and safety of women

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