Triggered by bad air(Hindu summary-3rd July 2018) ; posts Hindu  summary about How bad air impacts health of millions?

Triggered by bad air

The Hindu


Increased air pollution ( particulate matter) leading to health complications especially pollution linked diabetes.

Facts to be known

  • Estimates that in 2016, air pollution resulted in as many as 3.2 million new cases of diabetes.This is 14% of all new diabetes cases for that year, and India’s share was 20% of new cases.
  • Annually, the researchers estimated that pollution-linked diabetes caused > 2 lakh deaths in 2016.
  • 17 lakh American veterans for around nine years showed that the risk of incident diabetes increased with rising concentrations of PM2.5(12 micrograms per cubic meter (m3)
  • For India the above number is safe” by Indian standards which sets a limit of 40 micrograms per m3) and is far below what is experienced in cities. In Delhi, for instance, PM2.5 can touch nearly 100 micrograms per m3.
  • The global PM2.5 average was 42.3 micrograms per c3, in India, it was 72.6 per m3.

How Particulate matter is leading to diabetes? Image result for How Particulate matter is leading to diabetes?

  1. fine dust enters the bloodstream through the lungs,
  2. reducing insulin production
  3. triggering inflammation.

This factor adds to the diabetes burden which affects more than 420 million people globally.


  • Researchers estimate that nearly 8.2 million years of healthy life were lost globally in 2016, and India lost 1.625 million healthy years.
  • India tops the list in terms of ‘Disability-Adjusted Life Years’, which measures years of healthy life lost due to pollution-linked diabetes.

What can be done?

Reducing the pollution is the only measure to be taken which involves green energy technologies.

Way forward:

For a middle income grouped country like India the pollution affecting health leads to decreased income levels and decreased quality of human resources. So India need to emphasis strong and intensified commitment towards reducing pollution.

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