UPSC Daily Current Affairs-30th June 2018; posts UPSC Daily current Affairs -30th June 2018. This info is taken from News papers, PIB, AIR News and Summarized for your easy understanding.

Daily Current Affairs- 30th June 2018

GS-I (Geography)

 Monsoon covers entire country 15 days in advance

  • The monsoon has covered the entire country, reaching Sriganganagar in western Rajasthan — its last outpost — a fortnight ahead of schedule, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) declared.
  • The normal date for monsoon onset in Sriganganagar is July 15.
  • “Southwest monsoon has further advanced into the remaining parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan and north Arabian Sea. The monsoon has covered the entire country today, June 29, 2018,”

South West Monsoon: 

The monsoon can be categorized into two branches based on their spread over the subcontinent:

  1. Arabian Sea branch
  2. Bay of Bengal branch

Alternatively, it can be categorized into two segments based on the direction of rain-bearing winds:

  1. Southwest (SW) monsoon
  2. Northeast (NE) monsoon

Based on the time of year that these winds bring rain to India, the monsoon can also be categorized into two periods:

  1. Summer monsoon (May to September)
  2. Winter monsoon (October to November)


GS-III (Environment & Disaster Management)

Fresh landslide blocks Jammu-Srinagar national highway

  • A fresh landslide blocked Jammu-Srinagar national highway with vehicles including those carrying Amarnath pilgrims to the base camps.
  • Heavy rains triggered the fresh landslide at Gangroo near Ramsu along the 260-km long highway – the only all-weather road connecting Kashmir with rest of the country.


  • The term landslide or, less frequently, landslip refers to several forms of mass wasting that include a wide range of ground movements, such as rock falls, deep-seated slope failures, mudflows and debris flows.
  • Landslides can occur underwater, in which case they are called submarine landslides, and in coastal and onshore environments.
  • Although the action of gravity is the primary driving force for a landslide to occur, there are other contributing factors affecting slope stability.
  • Typically, pre-conditional factors build up specific surface or sub-surface conditions that make a slope prone to failure, whereas the actual landslide often requires a trigger before being released.

Landslides occur when the slope changes from a stable to an unstable condition. A change in the stability of a slope can be caused by a number of factors, acting together or alone

Flash floods wash away 48 MW hydel project bund

  • In a setback to the construction of the 48 MW hydel project at Lower Kalnai, a tributary of Chenab river in Jammu and Kashmir’s Doda district, a bund to divert river waters into the diversion tunnel was washed away in flash floods caused by heavy rain across the state.

Flash floods

  • A flash flood is a rapid flooding of geomorphic low-lying areas: washes, rivers, dry lakes and basins.
  • It may be caused by heavy rain associated with a severe thunderstorm, hurricane, tropical storm, or meltwater from ice or snow flowing over ice sheets or snowfields.
  • Flash floods may occur after the collapse of a natural ice or debris dam, or a human structure such as a man-made dam, as occurred before the Johnstown Flood of 1889.
  • Flash floods are distinguished from regular floods by having a timescale of less than six hours.

GS-II (Governance)

France replaces ‘race’ with ‘sex’ in its constitution

  • The French MPs on Wednesday unanimously voted to replace “race” with the word “sex” in their constitution.
  • The amendment now states that citizens are equal before the law “regardless of sex, origin or religion”.


  • The word “race” was first introduced to France’s post-war constitution in 1946 to disapprove the racist ideology propagated by by the Nazis and the French regime.
  • It was kept in 1958 update of the Constitution but in recent years the politicians have been campaigning to scrap it.
  • Former French President Francois Hollande in his election campaign said, “There are no different races,” and the word should be eliminated.
  • Racial categories such as white, black and Asian which are commonly used in the US and UK does not officially exist in France

Note: Indian constitution adopted 1. Concept of “Republic” 2. Ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity (contained in the Preamble)

 Chandigarh civic body approves imposition of cow cess

  • Chandigarh Municipal Corporation on Friday approved the imposition of cow cess for the protection and maintenance of its cows in city gaushalas.
  • The House will now send the approval to the UT Administration which will adopt the Punjab Prohibition of Punjab Cow Slaughter Act 1955 on the basis of which the cess will be levied.

How imposed?

Section 7 of the Punjab Act provides that the state government or local authority, if authorized, may levy such fee as may be prescribed for care and maintenance of uneconomic cows in the institution.

Purpose of Cess:

  • It will be imposed power bills, sale of four-wheelers and two-wheelers, country liquor, whisky and beer sold within municipal limits.
  • Such a fee prescribed for care and maintenance of uneconomic cows in the institution.

GS-II (International Affairs)

China declines to comment on FATF placing Pakistan on ‘grey list’; praises its counter-terror effort

  • Recently global financial watchdog FATF placed Pakistan on the grey list for failing to curb anti-terror financing despite Islamabad submitting a 26-point action plan and launching a concerted diplomatic effort to avert the decision
  • China declines to comment on its friend status instead appreciated Pakistan’s effort in curbing counter terrorism as expected.
  • China and Pakistan have an all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, and China is willing to enhance cooperation on counter-terrorism with Pakistan.
  • The placement of Pakistan on the grey list of the FATF could hurt Pakistan’s economy as well as its international standing.
  • It will be directly scrutinized by the FATF until it is satisfied by the measures taken to curb terror financing and money laundering.

World Bank to provide up to $480 million to aid Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

  • To address the needs of Rohingya refugees including health, education, water, sanitation and social protection.
  • The World Bank’s board approved a $50 million grant to add to an existing health-sector support project in Bangladesh, the first in a series that could total $480 million.
  • The health-sector grant included contributions based on a partnership between Canada and the World Bank’s International Development Association arm.
  • The support from IDA, the bank’s fund for the world’s poorest countries, will include up to $400 million on grant terms to help Bangladesh cope with the crisis

U.S. ends 70 years of military presence in Seoul

  • The USFK ie. US military base headquarters is scheduled to relocate outside of Seoul at Camp Humphreys in 2019.


  • The United States formally ended seven decades of military presence in South Korea’s capital on Friday with the opening of a new headquarters farther from the tense border with North Korea.
  • The U.S. military had been headquartered in Seoul’s central Yongsan neighborhood since American troops first arrived at the end of World War II.
  • The Yongsan Garrison had been a symbol of the U.S.-South Korea alliance aimed at deterring a North Korean attack, but its occupation of prime real estate was also a long-running source of anti-American sentiment.

Yongsan Garrison

  • It is located in the Yongsan District of Seoul, South Korea, is an area which serves as the headquarters for U.S. military forces stationed in South Korea, known as United States Forces Korea (USFK) and as United States Army Garrison Yongsan (USAG-Yongsan under the supervision of the Installation Management Command Pacific Region.
  • From 1910 to 1945 it served as headquarters for the Imperial Japanese Army.

N Korea named ‘worst human trafficking country’

  • The US State Department has categorized North Korea as one of the “worst human trafficking nation” for the 16th straight year, citing the use of forced labor.
  • According to the annual ‘2018 Trafficking in Persons Report’, North Korea has been included in the Tier 3 category, which is the lowest ranking, along with China, Russia and Iran.

‘2018 Trafficking in Persons Report’

  • This report is annually published by US Department of State.
  • This year’s report focuses on effective ways local communities can address human trafficking proactively and on how national governments can support and empower them.
  • Local communities are the most affected by this abhorrent crime and are also the first line of defense against human trafficking.

What to be done?

  • By engaging and training law enforcement, religious leaders, teachers, tribal elders, business executives, and communities, we become more vigilant and learn to identify and address vulnerabilities swiftly.
  • Proactive community-driven measures strengthen our ability to protect our most vulnerable and weaken a criminal’s ability to infiltrate, recruit, and exploit.

GS-III (Indian Economy)

Cabinet nod to implement MSP for notified crops soon.

  • Union Cabinet in its next meeting will approve the implementation of Minimum Support Price (MSP) of 150 per cent of the input cost for notified crops.
  • The Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) for sugarcane for the season of 2018-19, will also be announced by the Union Cabinet.
  • FRP is higher than the 2017-18 price, and it will also provide incentive to those farmers whose recovery from sugarcane will be higher than 9.5 per cent

MSP (Minimum Support Price)

  • Minimum Support Price (MSP) is a form of market intervention by the Government of India to insure agricultural producers against any sharp fall in farm prices.
  • The minimum support prices are announced by the Government of India at the beginning of the sowing season for certain crops on the basis of the recommendations of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP).
  • It is price fixed by Government of India to protect the producer – farmers – against excessive fall in price during bumper production years.
  • The minimum support prices are a guarantee price for their produce from the Government.
  • The major objectives are to support the farmers from distress sales and to procure food grains for public distribution. In case the market price for the commodity falls below the announced minimum price due to bumper production and glut in the market, government agencies purchase the entire quantity offered by the farmers at the announced minimum price.

Israel to gift 100 units of digital farming to Gujarat

  • Israel will gift 100 units of digital farming on an experimental basis in Gujarat. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani is on a six-day-long visit to Israel with a high-level delegation.

What is Digital Farming?

  • Digital Farming is set up to help shape the future tools and explore how we can transfer our unique knowledge to help farmers increase yield and reduce emissions based on new ways of collaborating and new technologies.
  • It adds new offerings for farmers, and allows us to reach more farmers in a more deep interaction.

Digital disruption can unlock multiple benefits for the farmer. As a consequence, the farmer has many more opportunities to optimize:

  1. More insights and information to informed decision making
  2. Granular optimization down to sub-square meter level
  3. Computer-driven decision support, basing complex decisions on facts and simulation
  4. Ability to access information

This gives us the opportunity to realize a step-change in food production.

  1. Higher yield, as inputs are used to their full potential
  2. Higher quality, as we understand more deeply the complex drivers of quality from for example optimized crop nutrition application
  3. Less waste, as precisely the right amount of fertilizer is applied, tailored to weather, soil, etc.
  4. Higher value, as a result of optimized operations



Gehlot elected IKF chief for next four years

  • Janardan Singh Gehlot was elected the president of the International Kabaddi Federation for the next four years.
  • Among other developments, the England Kabaddi Association, headed by Ashok Das, was disaffiliated because of anti-federation activities.

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