The Lacunae of Plastic Ban(RS TV summary) ; posts RS TV summary about Plastic Ban initiated in Maharashtra

The Big Picture – The Lacunae of Plastic Ban


  • Maharashtra has banned plastic from June 23rd
  • Ban is not a solution it is running away from the problem
  • Ban is made below 50 microns of carry bags in major States
  • Plastic has come as alternative of traditional method  and now it’s becoming  vice versa

Maharashtra and Ban

  • Maharashtra has not only banned plastic bag but also the single use plastic product
  • Alternative of plastic should be made at the same cost  at what plastic is given
  • Before implementing  the banning of plastic the alternative to the vendors should be made

Issues in recycling

  • Waste management and segregation of plastic from the waste is a major problem
  • Irresponsibility among the citizens and the users is making the plastic waste worse

What can be done?

  • The product which cannot be recycled should be banned
  • Polluter pay principle should be strictly implemented
  • Polymer injection Technology should be adopted
  • EPR should be defined specifically
  • Usage should be reduced and people should be made aware

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