Artificial Intelligence & Indian Armed Forces(RS TV summary) ; posts RS TV summary about Use of Artificial intelligence in Indian army.

Security Scan – Artificial Intelligence & Indian Armed Forces


  • India to introduce artificial intelligence in Defense Force
  • Task force has been constituted and it should be implemented by partnership
  • CAIR are involved in prospect of artificial intelligence
  • Today Warfare is a network centered
  • In 1956 the research in artificial intelligence has been started


  • Artificial Intelligence can be used in tactical level and strategic level
  • Artificial intelligence should be used for processing the data
  • Software developer plays the main role in artificial intelligence


  • Major research is done in civilian purpose only not in military purpose.
  • Artificial Intelligence and ethics should be debated  while implementing artificial intelligence
  • Controlling artificial intelligence will be difficult
  • Negative algorithms will make AI evil.

What is needed?

  • Artificial intelligence should not replace the system it should add purpose to the system
  • Transition from automation to autonomous is needed
  • Separate program has to be constituted for the artificial intelligence
  • Public private partnership needed to be involved in the development of artificial intelligence


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