Murlen National Park ; posts National Parks series- Environment. These National Parks provides good questions in Prelims.

Murlen National Park 

  • Murlen National Park is a national park  located in the Champhai district in Mizoram.Related image
  • The park is situated about 245 km east of Aizawl, and is close to the Chin Hills.
  • It lies north of Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary in the same district.
  • The tropical, semi-evergreen and sub montane Forests an admixture of QuercusSchima wallichiiBetulaMichelia champacaPinus kesiyaPrunusMyricaRhododendronChimonobambusa callosa, canes and a variety of orchids and lichens.
Tiger, leopard, sambar, barking deer, Malayan giant squirrel, Himalayan black bear, serow, hoolock gibbon, rhesus macaque, Hume’s pheasant, kalij pheasant, grey partridge, hill myna, and dark-rumped swift.

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