Highlights of Mann ki Baat-31st Dec 2017

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MANN KI BAAT-31st Dec 2017


Art & Culture

  1. 350th Prakash Parv of Guru Gobind Singh
  2. Makar Sankranti as a festival linked with nature. The different names of Makar Sankranthi are
  • Punjab & North India-Lohdi
  • Rajasthan-Sankrant
  • Assam-Magh-Bihu
  • Tamil Nadu-Pongal
  1. Christmas- celebration of Jesus, laid focus on spirit of service.


  1. Punyam-Poon ka vanam is a voluntary campaign to create awareness about Cleanliness in Sabarmala
  2. Muslim women can perform Haj without Mehram or male guardian as government lifted restrictions. PM suggested to Ministry of Minority Affairs to allow all women who have applied to travel all alone to perform Haj. No more lottery system is applicable to women travelling alone.
  3. A mock parliament on 15th Aug 2018 is proposed to welcome new ideas on “How a New India can be formed in next 5 years”? For this young representatives of 18-25years would be chosen from each district.

What is New India?

  • A New India should be free from poison of casteism, Communalism, terrorism and corruption; free from filth and poverty.
  • Also ensures equal opportunities and aspirations to every one
  • It should provide peace, unity and amity.
  • Also PM defined New India youth as those in between 18-25years who represents enthusiasm, aspirations and energy.
  • Emphasized on Skill development for energizing New India youth.

International Relations:

  • A step to enhance ties by inviting Leaders of all ASEAN countries to Jan 26th 2017 Republic Day Celebrations.

Significance of the invitation:

  • ASEAN completed 50 years of formation
  • ASEAN-India completed 25 years of successful partnership.


In January, there will be a northward movement of Earth which is the reason for celebrating Makar Sankranti.


  • Swach Bharat and Filth free India launched on Oct 2nd 2014 targets for contributing towards Cleaning India by 150th birth anniversary of Bapu.
  • Cleanliness survey 2018 will be conducted between 4th jan-10th Marc 2018 focusing on Urban areas.

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